Don't Jump at the Sale

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I see a blowout down comforter sale--should I buy?

Don't Jump at the Sale

"Blowout Down Comforter Sale!" "Cheap Down Comforters--All Prices Slashed!" "Lowest Discount Down Comforter Price!" You see these headlines in ad copy and on television. You have an inclination to buy a down comforter because your old one has lost its loft permanently.

Do you jump at the chance to buy a cheap down comforter? Better look before you cheap! If a bedding store advertises discount down comforters in July, be advised that the best time to take advantage of a down comforter sale is November. While you can pick up white sale bargains in January and August, retailers are more keen to sell in November. If you do buy in July, make sure the cheap down comforter fits your bed. Don't settle for a full/queen discount down comforter if you have a queen bed, no matter how reduced the price or whether or not the store throws in a free toaster.

If you're looking at a discount down comforter that isn't pure white or doesn't have maximum fill power, wait until November or scour the Internet to find coupons at sites such as Check and until you find the down comforter sale with a comforter you want. Don't be fooled by ad hype into buying at a down comforter sale--and don't let too many exclamation points (usually an advertising red flag) fool you.



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