Teenage Boy Bedding

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What are some great bedding ensembles for teenage boys?

Teenage Boy Bedding

You're in high school now--time to ditch the kids' wallpaper and kids' bedding. You don't need a fluffy down bedding comforter either. You're almost a man now. Here are some ideas for the up-and-coming grown-up guy:

  • Transform your room of gloom with updated boy bedding. A warm plaid duvet with poly fill isn't nerdy--it reminds you of your aunt and uncle's mountain cabin.
  • If your mom wants to redecorate on the cheap but you want a sports-themed bedroom, take your old sweat shirts and T-shirts of your favorite teams and have your mom turn them into pillow shams. That's what HGTV showed you. What? You can watch HGTV and sports too!
  • A denim bedding comforter's always in. It works for Mom and Dad too!
  • Get some reading pillows so you can crash on your bed while you read A TALE OF TWO CITIES for English Lit.
  • Made the rowing team? Try nautical-striped sheets in your bedding ensemble. Hang a couple of oars above your bed.
  • Whatever bedding you pick, make sure you've got an extra firm mattress--you're a strong guy and you need a strong bed. But it has to be comfortable too after a day of navigating the high school jungle.

Maybe that fluffy down bedding comforter is a good idea after all. Now that your room's grown up, you're ready to start shaving. No hair? Too bad. You can dream about it when you're snoozing in your grown-up totally cool boy bedding.



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