Girl Bedding Without Flowers

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I'm a girl, do I have to be feminine and frilly?

Girl Bedding Without Flowers

You'll wear a dress, but you don't like a lot of ruffles and flowers. Your mom has gven you less trouble than she gave your brother when he picked boy bdding for his room. But she still thinks you should think pink. You want bedding in a jungle or geometric artistic design. Surprise--girl bedding doesn't have to be frou-frou and fussy.

In fact, it can be fun and forest-themed. Show your mom the Trading Spaces Boys vs. Girls episode that taught your brother how to pick out a jungle bedding ensemble for you. Boys designed a jungle-themed room ncknamed "Camp Lauren," while girls created a golf scheme for the boys' bedroom. See, boys and girls can work together!

Hint: Convince your mom that NFL boy bedding is good for your brother. It's what Mom calls "compromise." You can look for a jungle bedding comforter cover even if your mom wants a fluffy duvet--actually, soft duvets do remind you of a warm rainforest. Just put on the duvet cover to complete your jungle paradise. You already have the sheets and pillowcases with orchids--okay, so you never said you hated flowers. Your bedroom needs to reflect your personality, so let it be a jungle out there in your room!



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