Boys Will Be Bedroom Designers

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I'm a boy, do I have to choose the bedding my mom wants?

Boys Will Be Bedroom Designers

You're a guy. Sure you like to read (Harry Potter) and sew (Boy Scout survival stuff). But there's no way you're picking boy bedding with cows and sheep on it, even if your mom likes it. You want a NFL bedding ensemble. Your sister never has any problem wih her girl bedding. While your mom's the one who makes the decision on how late you can stay up, you have wriggle room on your bedding comforter.

A denim NFL bedding set just expresses your interests--tell your mom you learned to mend it yourself in Boy Scouts. You're a do-it-yourselfer who's earned the right to choose your own boy bedding. Here's some tips to make sure Mom softens when you're psyched about that Raiders denim bedding comforter:

  1. Keep your room clean. If she doesn't have to go in there and make the bed, she'll be happier.
  2. Don't hit your brothers and sisters and Mom won't get pressure from Aunt Louise about "too much violence in sports."
  3. Do the dishes without too much grumbling, or offer to do them even when it's not your turn.
  4. Do your homework on time and Mom won't come in there to remind you and groan about your bedding.

You're a cool guy--your Mom will swear to it, even after you ask her not to tuck you in. You like your boy bedding the way it is!



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