Baby Bedding Crib Bumpers

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How do I choose crib bumpers?

Baby Bedding Crib Bumpers

When you were pregnant, your baby did somersaults like an Olympic athlete. He still does. You want him to move without getting his little head or fingers caught. Your baby bedding set should come with a crib bumper to cushion the sides--but your baby kicked off his baby blanket.

Can you buy unique baby bedding with a customizable baby crib bumper? A baby crib bumper in discount baby bedding usually comes in different colors such as pink/blue, pink with blue stars or blue with pink stars. The trend now is for more tailored, durable infant bedding that can resist the force of your baby's pole-vaults and backflips.

Usually bumpers are made of poly cotton, but opt for foam-filled bumpers so that the fabric bounces back. Like foam pillows, foam bumpers will have to be replaced, but by then, your baby will be out of his baby bedding and onto the floor doing a handstand!



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