Choosing Kids' Pillows

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How do I buy pillows for my kids' bedding?

Choosing Kids' Pillows

Sew child bedding? You? Not a chance. Your hubby made new shams for the throw pillows you thought you'd have to toss when you bought that dinosaur-themed discount kid bedding. Since your hubby doesn't want all his friends to know he's a male Martha Stewart with the needle, he asked you to find out about the best pillows for the dinosaur kid bedding set while he stencils a tyrannosaurus on the slipcover from the discount child bedding.

What size pillow do you need for kid bedding? Tell your hubby that the pillow is usually 54" x 75" for a kid standard pillow. Everyone will believe that you created that fantastic discount child bedding, while your hubby can just smile and know he's earned himself a free pass on taking out the trash.



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