Redecorating a Bedroom with Discount Comforters

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How do I redecorate my bedroom on the cheap?

Redecorating a Bedroom with Discount Comforters

What room do people spruce up or embellish when they feel the hosue is looking a bit drab? Here's a hint: You begin your day in it. And if you answer the computer room, you've got a problem. You feel better about your life when you go to sleep in a bedroom that makes you feel comfortable and happy. You like waking up to bright colors or subtle warm tones that make you think, "Gee, I'm happy to be awake, even at five a.m. for my 45-minute commute (or my two-second walk to the computer room to telecommute)."

Usually the best way to add some new pizzazz or elegance to your bedroom is to buy new bedding. But with your new home business and the price of gas, you're strapped right now. Or you can afford to spend more, but are saving for a rainy day. Try a discount bedding set or shop for a bedding comforter discount. Nothing makes you feel more comfortable than a new fluffy down comforter. Even changing one item in your bedroom can make the whole place look brighter--unless you realize that you now also need new curtains.

Try discount bedding pillow shams or a luxury discount bedding duvet cover. You can pick up new discount curtains to blend with those rose pillow shams or jacquard discount designer bedding--or have Aunt Millie sew those curtains while she regales you about her juicy life as a Broadway chorus girl. As the Mastercard commercial says, "Priceless." And so is your discount bedding. But if you spend that limited decorating budget on new wallpaper for the computer room, you're beyond help.



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