Eat My Dust Mites

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What are dust mites anyway and how does my bedding get rid of them?

Eat My Dust Mites

You've read the label on your hypoallergenic down comforter: "Keeps out dust mites." You have a vision of the dust bunnies under your bed. Think of dust mites as the more insidious cousin. Coming this fall...Attack of the Dust Mites! Mites, ticks, scorpions and spiders are members of the arachnid family. That should give you an idea of how loathsome dust mites are. but while spiders can be useful in keeping the creepy-crawly population down, sub-microscopic dust mites nest in dust bunnies, eat dead skin and Doritos (bet you'll never snack in bed again), breed, and leave waste in our beds. Then we itch and sneeze when we snuggle in the sheets and the dust particles seep into our skin and nose.

Do you call the exterminator? The Governator? Superman? No--buying allergy free bedding and allergy control bedding is your best defense against dust mites. The weave of that hypoallergenic down comforter, as well as a good tightly sealed duvet cover, stops dust mites. You can stamp out your dust mite problem and keep your hypoallergenic bedding even more worry-free by keeping your skin exfoliated and, as we said, not snacking in the bedroom. This is one creature feature that, thanks to hypoallergenic bedding, can have a happy ending.



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