Skin Allergies to Bedding

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Can comforters and sheets cause skin allergies?

Skin Allergies to Bedding

Your lotions may not be the reason you're itching. Bedding material can cause skin irritation and allergies.

Dust mites aren't the only sources of allergy problems. If you're allergic to the fabric or dye in your comforter duvet cover or sheets, make sure that you buy allergy free bedding with dye and treatment that won't rub off on your skin cells. You don't have to do or dye. If you have the right dye type but still scratch, you may be allergic to a wool hypoallergenic comforter because of the wool.

Opt for a hyallergenic down comforter instead. After all, you have enough problems jolting your spouse awake with your snoring.



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