Types of Bedding Allergens

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What types of bedding allergens are there?

Types of Bedding Allergens

You might think that it's just dust that nestles in your comforter and makes you sneeze. But a hypoallergenic comforter can keep out many types of bedding allergens, including:

  • Indoor mold--make sure that hypoallergenic down comforter has a tight stitching or vinyl encasing and is kept in a dry room.
  • Dust mite and cockroach droppings--use a duvet cover or pillow cover for extra insurance on your hypoallergenic bedding, but allergy control bedding usually has an impermeable membrane.
  • Fungi spores that hide in dust mite droppings--allergy free bedding and duvet covers will block out fungi in your pillows and hypoallergenic down comforter.
  • Tobacco smoke--you shouldn't smoke in the bedroom, because fire hazards aside, even allergy free bedding can reek of smoke.
  • Pet dander--it's invisible and can linger on even allergy free bedding if you let Fido curl up on your hypoallergenic comforter.

Keep allergens away from your allergy control bedding and enjoy a sneeze-free slumber.



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