Latest Comforter Trends

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What are the latest trends in comforters?

Latest Comforter Trends

Yes, it's true: your bedding is a slave to fashion. That includes your bedding comforter. Some trends stay--a kid comforter with sailboats will always be in fashion. But you adults need to keep up with the times. We've scouted out some trends that you should know about before you buy a bed spread and comforter:

  • Tailored bed comforter with classic lines and smaller geometric shapes--no frills or flowers.
  • Bedding comforter and duvet color in blue, rather than purple--blue is a cooling, calming color.
  • Bed comforter with big patterns
  • Global patterns such as Indian or Chinese
  • Shabby chic and casual but elegant comforter
  • Microsuede microfiber comforter
  • Layered bedding with blankets, throws and a bedding comforter

You swore you'd never be a slave to fashion, but redoing your bedding has made you rethink those coral Bermuda shorts.



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