Wild and Woolly Comforters

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Can I buy a wool and down comforter blend?

Wild and Woolly Comforters

You have sheep and goose sculptures all over your house. Your kids have lamb and goose prints in their rooms. You think it wouldn't be ba-a-ad or a honking faux pas to have a down and wool bedding comforter. Sorry, but just as geese don't fly north for the winter, you can't buy a wool and down bed comforter.

There's no nead to look downcast or sheepish. Alpaca wool or eiderdown is luxurious, and gives your bed spread and comforter the loft you need. The two bed comforter materials are weighted differently for the seasons. Alpaca is ypically medium weight, a "summer and fall" bed comforter material rather than a heavy winter one.

Eiderdown, Siberian goose down or Hungarian goose down will keep you warm during long winter nights when you're falling asleep counting sheep. Sheep or geese? You feel ba-a-a-dly torn. Fortunately, your decor doesn't choose sides, so you can base your bed spread and comforter decision on your comfort needs.



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