Children and Comforters

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How old should a child be before she has a comforter?

Children and Comforters

Kids. They want to watch programs that are too old for them, stay up too late...and now, your little darling wants to use a bedding comforter. That's one wish you don't have to say "no" to. You can buy an inexpensive great-quality kid comforter with a cradle set, or when your child graduates to that big-boy or big-girl bed.

Preschoolers will like a bed spread and comforter in a sports theme, Disney theme, or animal theme. Make sure to choose a comforter that can grow with the child, or at least one that you won't mind tossing when your child screams, "Mommy, this bed comforter is babyish." You don't have to get your child an ultra-luxurious down bed comforter. Plush natural wool or cotton will do.

Pick one that is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soft and durable but easily washable
  • Not complicated so kids can keep their bedrooms neat
  • Not overly fussy--you don't need baby bling for a bed spread and comforter

A soft comforter will help your child get the sleep she needs, so she'll have energy to run, jump, play and learn. After a day of saying "no," you feel better having a request you can say "yes" to.



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