Comforter Set Pieces

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How many pieces should a comforter set have?

Comforter Set Pieces

Six pillowcases, five sets of sheets, four designer pillows, three wool blankets, two mattress pads...and one comforter set! Sometimes you feel like you're making your Christmas list all year long when you're buying a bedding comforter set.

Of course, there is that one store that has Christmas sales in April. You'd think that your luxury comforter set would be simple. A duvet. A duvet cover. You can check those off your list. But no, your average bed comforter set can now include a duvet, duvet cover, plus:

  • Neckroll pillow
  • Oblong pillow
  • Decorative pillows
  • Pillow shams (Euro and regular)
  • Bedskirt

Do you really need an entire set? Some bedding experts advise that since comforters may fade in the wash. Santa wouldn't be merry and bright if he saw his red down comforter turn dull! Choosing bed linens to match your comforter, or buying a bedding comforter set, makes sense if you want everything in your bedroom to blend.

If you want a coordinated bedroom, don't just buy a discount comforter set with just a duvet and duvet cover that partially match your decor. That's like leaving bran muffins for Santa instead of cookies. If, on the other hand, you want to mix and match, make sure you choose a duvet and duver cover bed comforter set that blends. You can try contrast--Rudolph's shiny nose certainly made him famous. Once you've decided on a complete comforter set, you can figure out what do do with those partiridges and four calling birds.



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