Buying a Discount Chenille Bedspread

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How do I buy a discount chenille bedspread?

Buying a Discount Chenille Bedspread

Think that a chenille bed spread, like a fine cashmere sweater, is beyond your budget? Chenille sounds so French and expensive--in fact, it is French for "caterpillar." But it's not expensive if you know how to look. And you needn't sacrifice chenille quality or cashmere quality while you're bargain shopping.

A chenille bed spread is cotton-tufted and delicate, so if you want a higher-quality bed spread that's luxurious to the touch, it may be worth skipping that cashmere sweater from Ann Taylor. On the other hand, you just got word of an Ann Taylor sale, so you can probably buy that chenille bed spread for $50 from a wholesale bedding and bed spread store. A chenille bed spread, like a chenille throw, easily settles into place when you're making the bed in the morning. It's light and perfect with a down comforter.

You once thought a good quality down comforter was too expensive. Like cashmere, chenille and down are affordable luxuries. The exception is a vintage cashmere bed spread, which is worth skipping the cashmere. Discount bed spread in chenille, discounted cashmere swear...what's next, discount champagne? Maybe you'd better draw the line, especially if it's French champagne.



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