Stuck On Satin

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How do I care for my satin sheets?

Stuck On Satin

Satin sheets aren't just for the Donald Trumps and Warren Buffetts of this world! You too can buy satin discount bed sheet sets made of polyester or acetate. For just a moment, stop fantasizing about that Sunday morning sleeping in with the kids at Grandma's and Grandpa's.

If you want your satin sheets to last through many breakfasts in bed, choose a satin luxury bed sheet with a nylon or polyester base. You can generally pick up a satin designer bed sheet without breaking the bank--just be sure to feel the sheet for nubs and knobs, and of course, for luxury softness.

How do you care for your satin designer bed sheet to make it last until your fiftieth wedding anniversary? You can machine-wash a nylon-based satin bed sheet, but should hand-wash a satin bed sheet made of polyester whenever possible. Silk and acetate can generally be hand-washed, although bedding experts recommend dry cleaning for a satin luxury bed sheet. Also, if your penthouse has an ocean view, don't choose silk and nylon for your designer bed sheet.

Strong sunlight coming into your bedroom will cause your satin bed sheet to fade. If you don't want heavy curtains and must have a silk-based satin bed sheet, try shutters with slats you can adjust. You may not sleep in the Trump mansion, but you can sleep like a million bucks on a satin luxury bed sheet.



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