Egyptian Cotton is King, Er, Pharaoh

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What do I look for in Egyptian cotton sheets?

Egyptian Cotton is King, Er, Pharaoh

Did Cleopatra ever sleep on Egyptian cotton sheets? She might have, considering how luxurious an Egyptian cotton bed sheet is. Forget the discount bed sheet you used last Halloween to make a Caesar toga. An Egyptian cotton luxury bed sheet trumps a satin bed sheet any day on the Nile. Egyptian cotton fibers are gentler, more delicate, and longer than other cotton fibers such as Pima cotton.

That said, like Cleopatra, you need to shop around to find an Egyptian cotton bed sheet worthy of a Queen of Egypt. Conventional wisdom holds that the higher the thread count, the more luxury in your designer bed sheet. This isn't always the case. If you buy an Egyptian cotton bed sheet purely based on the thread count, you'll be as surprised as Caesar when he first unwrapped the rug Cleopatra hid in.

Cleopatra would choose a lower thread count (200 to 600) with a sateen finish, because Cleopatra knows sateen is cotton made with a satin weave. Egyptian cotton has longer threads, so you can choose a slightly lower thread count than for a regular cotton bed sheet. Make sure your Egyptian cotton is smooth and soft with no nubs or knots or rough spots that indicate lower quality craftsmanship.

Choose a fine quality designer bed sheet. After all, you are the queen of your own household. Like Cleopatra, you need a luxury bed sheet for a good night's sleep to help you be rested for the challenges of the throne!



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