Down Body Pillows

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Can I buy down body pillows?

Down Body Pillows

You love foam in your mattress, foam in your milkshakes, and shaving foam. But when it comes to your body pillow, you want a down pillow form. You already get the benefit of lavender and verbena bubble bath foam.

Sleep experts recommend a foam pillow or firmer pillow, especially a body pillow made of memory foam, if you sleep on your side. But if you're driven to seek out a down pillow to cushion your whole body, try a 160-fill power goosedown body pillow that provides targeted support for those restless legs.

Moms-to-be can benefit from total luxurious cradling a down pillow provides. You can even buy several foam/down hybrid body pillows and synthetic fibers with the qualities of a foam pillow and a down pillow. It's perfect if you're torn between foam and feathers. Now you can feel as relaxed lying on your down body pillow as you do in your bubble bath sipping a foamy latte.



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