Goose Down Bed Pillows

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Is a down bed pillow right for me?

Goose Down Bed Pillows

White goose down pillows. The words conjure dreamtime images of comfort, warmth, and plenty of z's. But if you have neck pain or need to stay put in one position all night, a fluffy down pillow may not give you sweet dreams.

A down pillow is ideal for people who don't mind head tosses all night. You can even customize your down pillow with more loft for more firmness if you sleep on your side, or less loft if you sleep on your stomach or back. Just remember, down pillows can last for ten years, so choose a pillow that's comfortable in the long run--you'll spend a third of your time with that pillow!

A down body pillow will cushion your entire body, so take extra care in selecting one so you don't get pains and have to swap your down pillow for a foam pillow. If you need a therapeutic pillow for neck pain, a foam pillow form is your best bet. It will hold your neck in place and support your spine--that's what a pillow is for, anyway, but some people just need an extra lift.

The drawback to a foam pillow versus a down pillow: You'll have to replace a foam bed pillow every two years. Want the best of both worlds, goosedown luxury and foam firmness? You can purchase a pillow form with a foam core wrapped in warm, gentle goosedown. Of course, even if you buy a pure foam bed pillow, you'll always have your goosedown comforter. No pain in the neck decisions there!



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