Worn-Out Pillow

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When do I need to replace my pillows?

Worn-Out Pillow

You replaced your mattress and it hasn't even been ten years. You replaced your comforter and sheets. Yet you're still not sleeping well. Use your head--or better yet, look under your head. What do you see?

Hint: It's white, it's fluffy, and your spouse fantasizes about putting it over your face to stop you from snoring. Pillows wear out! If you've had your down pillow since you were in college, it's time to replace your bed pillow. Chances are your pillow form is collapsing.

Shop for a hypoallergenic pillow that supportive--also lightweight so you can easily throw it off when your spouse tries to stop you from snoring. But with the new mattress that feels like a body pillow, your honey may be sawing some logs too!



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