Cover It Up

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Is it easy to put on and take off a duvet comforter cover?

Cover It Up

You're not ashamed of your duvet comforter--you just want to protect it. But as any CEO with an accounting scandal will tell you, a cover-up isn't easy. Actually, putting on a duvet comforter cover is as easy as retrieving incriminating e-mails.

Your duvet comforter set usually contains instructions--guilty CEOs should be so lucky. Whether you buy a luxury down comforter duvet cover or a discount duvet comforter cover, you can snap, zip, or button the cover. Pull the corners of the duvet comforter tight against the edges of the duvet comforter cover. Just make sure to shake the down duvet comforter to distribute the fill so that the down has its loft once you seal the duvet comforter cover or when you take it off.

You don't want the down duvet comforter to look more lopsided than Worldcom's accounting books. In the end, you'll be able to put on and remove your down comforter duvet cover, and you won't sweat a bit...unlike corrupt corporate accounting firms.



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