Duvet Cover Fabrics

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If I make my duvet cover, what fabrics do I choose?

Duvet Cover Fabrics

You're known as the Martha Stewart of sewing, so you scorn a duvet comforter set and decide to make your own discount duvet comforter cover. How do you choose material for a down comforter duvet cover? Here are some sew simple hints.

  • Use two equal-length home decorator fabric lengths to cover the front of the duvet and two more for the underside.
  • Don't run out to that fabric shop where they know you by name! If you have fancy embroidered sheets, use them for the top and solid plain sheets for the down side.
  • Rub the fabric against your skin. If you'd sleep underneath the fabric as a top sheet, use it.
  • Make sure patterns and prints line up.
  • Use washable fabrics, but be aware that 100 percent cotton is prone to shrinkage.
  • Buy inexpensive sheets to make an autumn- or Christmas-themed duvet comforter cover.

Keep your existing down comforter duvet cover in a mesh bag. Hmmm, you've created a beautiful duvet comforter set on your own. Perhaps Martha needs a new sewing expert!



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