Different Duvet Comforter and Cover Material

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Can I have comforter covers of different material than my comforters?

Different Duvet Comforter and Cover Material

Your sister insists that, like a box spring mattress set, a duvet comforter set is the only way to go. You can only buy a duvet comforter cover in the same material as your duvet comforter. With apologies to your sister, you think that while a mattress fits best with the box spring it's designed for, you can choose your own down comforter duvet cover. Besides, your sister has questionable taste when it comes to picking friends and movies. But she is the shopping expert. Who's right? Try not to gloat too much, but you can buy an Indika organic cotton discount duvet comforter cover for your Alexandra Jordan down comforter.

If you choose a silk comforter, you'll need a duvet comforter cover made of a heavy material to protect the delicate silk. On the other hand, an organic Egyptian cotton duvet comforter set will be durable and luxurious. But if you want to change the appearance of your bedding, you can try out different varieties of that duvet comforter cover/down comforter combo. After all, your sister may watch depressing subtitled films with that poet friend who dresses in black, but she is the mistress of mixiing and matching style. Politely educate her about the down comforter duvet cover possibilities before her friend launches into his rant on the meaninglessness of material goods.



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