Fluffing Oversized Down Comforters

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How do I fluff up oversized down comforters?

Fluffing Oversized Down Comforters

Have you ever noticed that at Thanksgiving and Christmas, all the holiday pastries, goodies and roasts tend to concentrate in one spot so you feel weighted down? You're yawning in the middle of football, presents or James Stewart struggling through "It's a Wonderful Life." You want to crawl beneath your super size down comforter. The problem is, the kids demolished the down this morning, so you have to re-fluff that oversized twin down comforter, king down comforter, queen down comforter or full size down comforter. But how do you do it? You move like Christmas pudding and the comforter has extra panels on the sides.

Chances are your mom or Uncle George needs a bit of a workout after all that food. So do you! Then your sister jumps in with her advice and helpful hints. Get at least one volunteer to hold the foot while you hold the head. Shake the oversized down comforter vigorously. Have everyone press down to make sure the down has the same height everywhere.

This can actually be a family fun bonding project! Once your oversized down comforter is as fluffy as the mashed potatoes you devoured earlier, you can take a well-deserved nap--but you might have to move over and make room for your weary volunteers. Oh well. It's the holidays.



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