What Size Is An Oversized Down Comforter?

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Is an oversized down comforter good for a Cal King mattress?

What Size Is An Oversized Down Comforter?

While supersizing our Big Macs has led to obesity, supersizing down comforters works well if you feel that a down comforter king doesn't cover your Cal King mattress. Cal kings have extra height and length--the mac daddies of beds. You need a king down comforter to match!

Some bedding stores will tell you that there is no such thing as a Cal King size down comforter and you're better off choosing an oversized twin down comforter, king down comforter or queen down comforter. But if you look at your average oversized down comforter for a King mattress (107 x 96), it will luxuriously drape over a Cal King mattress (72 x 84).

Too much king down comforter? That depends on if it's a heavy down comforter. If it's lightweight high fill power, it will drape softly over your be. You won't have to worry about hogging it all from your partner. And if you haven't been supersizing your fast-food, it won't feel as if you need to turn on the cold blast air conditioning in the house!



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