White Or Gray Goose Down Covers

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What types of covers are best for white or gray goose down?

White Or Gray Goose Down Covers

You've decided that you prefer shades of grey and have opted for a grey goose comforter rather than a white goose down comforter. Unfortunately, others may not like seeing shades of grey. Just call yourself a complex thinker. Even you have to admit, though, that grey goose down looks unsightly through a white, light-colored or translucent duvet.

Although higher thread counts will block out the light and hide the grey, your goose down comforter looks like a storm cloud. Opt for darker patterned or solid color goose comforter duvets when choosing grey goose down comforters. You could let your preference for grey dominate and buy grey-covered rather than white-covered goose down comforters.

If you do choose white or light fabric for grey goose comforters, select a duvet cover in a darker solid color or pattern. Truth be told, all those shades of grey are beginning to confuse you too. How about a nice plaid?



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