White and Brown Goose Down

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Are there other types of goose down besides white and brown?

White and Brown Goose Down

White goose down comforter. Brown goose down comforter. It all sounds like black and white, and you stay out of debates about color. How about gray goose comforters? We did see a light grey goose down pillow in Linens -N- Things, but the actual pillow sham was grey. Actually, as geese age, the down turns grey--this is natural, and doesn't mean the down is inferior, any more than grey hair means people are worn out. In fact, some experts say they would rather have goose comforters with down from mature, older geese or even older ducks!

Now instead of wandering into a color debate, you've stepped into an ageism battle. And in China, where advanced age isn't automatically the kiss of death, you can get a goose down comforter with gray goose down that's hypoallergenic and high-quality. From Europe, you can also get a goose comforter with filling from the grey goose. It doesn't matter what color the down is if it's high-quality. Don't be afraid of the color debate. When it comes to goose down comorters, we all can just get along.



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